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MASTODON listening party at the FERNBANK SCIENCE CENTER! 6/23

MASTODON listening party at the FERNBANK SCIENCE CENTER! 6/23

MASTODON's new album, Once More 'Round The Sun, comes out June 24th. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Criminal Records is hosting a listening party WITH THE BAND at the Planetarium at the Fernbank Science Center the night before (Monday, June 23rd). Doors open at the Fernbank Science Center at 7:30pm. The planetarium program starts at 8:00pm.

This special event requires a laminate pass for entry. To get a laminate, you will need to pre-order the upcoming album on CD and/or vinyl from Criminal Records (either in person at the store or online from the links below).

IMPORTANT: This Mastodon event is a listening party, NOT a live performance. The band will be present at the Fernbank Science Center to meet fans and to sign their new album. (All pre-ordered CDs and vinyl will be available for pick-up at the event.)

VERY IMPORTANT: This event will be held at the Fernbank Science Center located at 156 Heaton Park Drive (not to be confused with the Fernbank Museum of Natural History on Clifton Road).

* How do I get a laminate pass?
Buy Once More 'Round The Sun, the new album by MASTODON, on CD or on vinyl and get 1 free pass per album pre-ordered. The passes are FREE with purchase of the CD or LP. Passes are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis while supplies last. Your pass only guarantees your entrance into the Fernbank Science Center for the event; it does not guarantee your place in line.

* Why do I have to buy the album to get a pass?
Because you need to own that Mastodon album because it is awesome, duh. And we need to show the record label that we can sell actual CDs and LPs so that we can get more events like this in the future. We have to show results, people!

* What if I already pre-ordered the album from another store or from the band's website?
We can only give you a pass for the listening event at the Planetarium at the Fernbank Science Center if you pre-order Mastodon's new album FROM OUR STORE (either in person or from our online store links below). Having said that, CDs and vinyl records do make great gifts! The new Mastodon album would make a very nice present for any of the following: boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, secret crushes, parents, teachers, baristas, humans. If you love the band and their music, why not share it!

* Can I pre-order online from Criminal Records and still get a laminate for the party?
Yes. Here are the links to order from our store online...
COMBO (1 cd + 1 vinyl):
All laminate passes and albums will be ready for pick-up AT THE FERNBANK SCIENCE CENTER on Monday before the event. You do not have to make a separate trip to pick up your laminate before Monday.

* Will the band sign stuff?
Yes, there will be an autograph/meet-n-greet session after the planetarium presentation. Please note that the band will only sign CD or vinyl copies of their brand new album Once More 'Round The Sun (no mixtapes, no body parts, no napkins, no phones, etc.). Please keep in mind that the band's time at the event is very limited. We want to make sure that as many fans get to meet the band while they are at the Fernbank Science Center. Please be respectful and considerate of your fellow fans and adhere to these rules so that everyone can get through the line.

Other useful information:
* Criminal Records is located in Little 5 Points, just east of downtown Atlanta.
* Our store address is 1154 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307.
* Store hours are 11am to 9pm, Monday through Saturday, and 12 to 7pm on Sunday.

Handy links for your reference:
Band website:
Twitter: @mastodonmusic -
Instagram: @mastodonrocks -

Fernbank Science Center website:
Twitter: @FernbankScience -

Store website:
Twitter: @criminalrecords -
Instagram: @criminalrecords -

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