Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is THIS Saturday! And we're super psyched to have these nice and talented comic book artists, writers, creators, and enthusiasts join us for our FCBD celebration. We hope you can join us, too.

Please note that the store will be open regular hours from 11am until 9pm on May 7th. When you see Zano and Carol in the Comics Dept next, please give them a hug, a high-five, and/or a hearty thanks for not making us wak e up super early on a Saturday. :)

Now, without further ado, here is our list of special guests:
11:00-12:30pm -- Rich Tommaso
11:00-3:00pm -- Dominike Stanton
11:00-3:00pm -- Irene Strychalski
11:00-6:00pm + panel -- Annie Erskine
11:00-6:00pm -- Jason Flowers
11:00-6:00pm -- Mary Golding
11:00-6:00pm -- Cara McGee
11:00-6:00pm -- Afua Richardson
11:00-6:00pm + panel -- Christian Sager
11:00-6:00pm -- EC Steiner
11:00-6:00pm -- Joshua Stephens
11:00-6:00pm -- Koi Turnbull
11:00-6:00pm -- Remington Veteto
11:00-6:00pm -- Joey Weiser
11:00-6:00pm + panel -- Joseph R. Wheeler III
1:00-5:00pm -- Tariq Hassan
2:00-4:00pm panel only -- Thom Trainor
4:30-6:00pm -- Hunter Wook Jin Clark
6:00-7:00pm show -- Adam WarRock & Tribe One

(UPDATE: Ted Murphy is unable to attend due to a work conflict.)

These times are subject to change. As you can see, some of these artists will only be here at our store for a few hours on FCBD, so plan accordingly. Zano will be facilitating an interview/panel discussion with Annie Erskine, Joseph R. Wheeler III, Christian Sager, and Thom Trainor sometime between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.

Please note that the live performance by Adam WarRock and Tribe One starts at 6:00pm. There's a separate FB Event page for that part of the day and you can RSVP for that over here if you wish:

For a sneak peek at some of the free comic books that we'll be giving away on Saturday, check out:

If you are tweeting about Free Comic Book Day, please use #FCBD11. If you want to tag the FCBD organizers in a tweet, use @Freecomicbook.

Of course, feel free to include Criminal Records in your tweets (@Criminalrecords, of course!) and FB status updates. And tag your photos from our event with "Criminal Records" so we can find them. :)

AAAAAND there's this thing that we're trying to pull off:

Special thanks to our friends at the Plaza Theatre for screening Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Saturday at 3:00pm:

If y'all need a breather midday and you just want a place to sit and chill while watching a totally rad movie from our childhood, then head over to the Plaza on Ponce De Leon Ave. But don't forget to come back and see Adam WarRock & Tribe One kick it live on our stage.

See you soon!!!

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Annie Erskine:
Jason Flowers:
Mary Golding:
Tariq Hassan:
Cara McGee:
Afua Richardson:
Christian Sager:
Dominike Stanton:
EC Steiner:
Joshua Stephens:
Irene Strychalski:
Rich Tommaso:
Thom Trainor:
Koi Turnbull:
Remington Veteto:
Adam WarRock & Tribe One:
Joey Weiser:
Joseph R. Wheeler III:

Creative Loafing feature on Adam WarRock:

Preview list of free comic books:


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